Monday, November 9, 2015

Snowman Card - One Way To Use An Intaglio Print

Happy Monday everyone!  I have been so busy today, but managed to finish a winter card inspired by nature. I used an intaglio print I created a few years back as the main image for this card.  Although the intaglio print is a physical print, the card was created digitally.  I love mixing physical art with digital art!  This is a great example of how you can incorporate art from journal pages or sketchbooks into other projects.  You can add your physical art to digital cards or scrapbook pages without destroying your original artwork. If you like something you have previously made, why not digitally alter it or make it into something new.  That is exactly what I did when I created this digital card.

 I absolutely love how the finished card turned out.  I started this project by first scanning the snowman print using my all in one printer. This intaglio print was etched on a copper plate using resin and multiple acid baths.  This particular image was printed on Reeves BFK paper via a manual printing press.  I originally designed this image three years ago for a print exchange hosted by the University I graduated from.  Ironically, this print was one of the last intaglio prints I ever created.  Intaglio printing requires a lot of specialized materials and tools making it extremely difficult to do at home.  If given the opportunity, I would gladly enter another intaglio print exchange. The image below is the original print used in the print exchange.

Once the image was scanned and saved to my computer, I was able to alter it using Pixlr online.  The finished image below consists of 6 digital layers including a grey blue background, a brown textured layer, a snowflake print, a snowflake digital stamp, the original scanned image, and finally a messy glitter border.

I loved the digitally altered print so much that I decided to turn it into a digital card.  I only added a couple simple embellishments to accent the finished card.  I also added a sentiment to the card, but I think I like the card better without it.

I am entering this card in the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. This week's challenge is all about creating something with the letter "N".  I chose the word Nature.  Here is the link to the challenge blog:

I hope you are inspired to use your art in digital projects. Not only can you use this idea to make digital cards, but you could also create scrapbook pages, facebook cover photos, or even a blog banner! The possibilities are endless. Thanks for stopping by the blog. If you enjoy my posts, please follow or subscribe. Have a great week everyone! ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paperie ❤