Saturday, November 7, 2015

Freebie - Beautiful 12"x12" Digital Scrapbook Quickpage

I was so busy yesterday that I did not get the chance to write a Freebie Friday post. I worked all day and was beyond exhausted when I got home.  I did not get any sleep the night before because my boyfriend was violently puking and slamming doors all night.  My boyfriend ended up being hospitalized again yesterday morning with pancreatitis.  When I got home from work all I wanted to do was relax, eat dinner, and get some sleep.  Instead I had to deal with my boyfriend's mother on the phone. My boyfriend has chronic health issues that he is not taking as seriously as he should.  If he chose to, he could improve his outlook by eating better but he doesn't want to. I tried to talk to his mother about this, but she condones his behavior.  Instead, I had to listen to her rant for over an hour about how I should have been at the hospital with my boyfriend and that I should have called her? I work for a living... I don't have time to babysit my boyfriend all day. This woman blames me for his health problems because I do not have the finances to pay for his health care or special diet.  At this point I can't even afford to take care of myself, let alone another adult.  My boyfriend has not earned a dime the whole time we have been living together, yet his mother blames me for our financial hardships. If I have to be a responsible adult, why can't my boyfriend be a responsible adult too?

I do not mean to vent on my blog, but I want you to know what I am dealing with and why I am not always able to write a blog post.  My life is constantly screwed up in some way shape or form.  I have no money because of past due medical insurance premiums, I am working nearly full-time hours despite constant pain, and have to deal with my boyfriend's chronic health issues. The last few weeks have been nothing short of a nightmare and here I am still trying to blog away.  This blog and the art I create for it are my saving grace. I will continue to blog as much as I can. Just know that I am dealing with a lot of hardships in my life that might prevent me from blogging some days. I will always post at least one freebie a week...even if it isn't on Friday.

Today's freebie is a beautiful 12"x12" .png scrapbook page.  This quick page was inspired by the Beautiful word art from I made this page feel somewhat vintage by using newsprint and pastel colors throughout the image. The only thing this scrapbook page needs is your photos! In order to add a picture to the scrapbook page digitally, you will need to use a photo editing software like Photoshop or My Memories Suite.  Remember, you can click the link to the right of the blog to save $10 off the My Memories Suite software.  This software is the easiest to use when creating digital scrapbook pages and layouts.  Another option that I personally use from time to time is Pixlr which is available on the internet and is absolutely free to use.

To download, simply left click on the image to view in a new window, then right click on the design and select save image as.  You will be able to save the image to your computer to use whenever you like. This free digital scrapbook page is for personal use only and cannot be used in commercially sold crafts.

 I hope you enjoy this scrapbook freebie!  Be sure to like our facebook page and share this blog post on social media.  You can also follow the blog via e-mail or google+ if you don't want to miss a post.  Have a great weekend everyone! ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paperie