Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Handmade Acorn Ornament Video!

Hello everyone.  Happy Veterans Day!  It has been miserable and rainy here in Wisconsin today.  It is even lightening out as I type this.  I myself had quite a miserable day today due to more issues arising at work.  The bills are piling up and I still have not gotten a penny from work.... not even after working for 5 weeks. Due to having 3 nervous breakdowns over the last couple days, I decided that I needed to take a break from work and use a couple sick days. If the stress and nervous breakdowns aren't enough, I am also fighting a cold.  There was a bit of good news today however.  I was called for an interview... not just any interview, but for a general manager job that could lead to a corporate career.  I wasn't planning on a job change at the moment, but it may be what I need after dealing with the shit my current employer has put me through. I have dealt with more backlash and harassment after my return from medical leave than anyone should have to endure. I hope the interview goes well... I will be sure to keep my blog fans informed if I do happen to get a new job.  Its not an artsy career like I have been wishing for, but it is a HUGE improvement and would change my life.

The possibility of a new job does bring hope to my life, but unfortunately this will still be a hard Christmas to get through. I will have no money to buy anything for anyone this year, so I am trying to be creative and resourceful when it comes to gifts.  I wouldn't even have a Christmas tree this year if it weren't for my brother and sister-in-law giving me their old fake tree. I usually give handmade ornaments to my friends and family every year for Christmas and was excited to discover this video on youtube. These handmade acorn ornaments made from plastic Easter eggs, paint, ribbon, and glue are absolutely adorable!  I can't wait to make these and give them as gifts.  The best part..... you can hide a little gift inside the ornament.  How cute is that?

I hope this video inspires you as much as it inspired me. This will definitely be the ornament I make for 2015!  I will continue to look for crafty ornaments and Christmas gifts to make, and will post all of those ideas and tutorials to the blog.  This will be the craftiest Christmas of all time!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog on this crummy Wednesday.  Please follow my blog and share this post on social media or google+.  I appreciate all comments, follows, and shares that I receive. I cannot say thank you enough!  Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.  ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paperie ❤