Monday, October 5, 2015

Watercolor & India Ink Bird Drawing

I just thought I would quickly post a watercolor and ink drawing I recently completed.  I absolutely love drawing and painting birds.  I'm not really sure why I enjoy drawing birds so much, but it all started when I was attending High School.  The very first time I had drawn a bird was in 9th grade.  I had created a black egret batik on fabric. After that, I started to draw lots of snowy egrets and sparrows. Nearly twenty years later I am still painting and drawing birds!

This little drawing was created on a scrap piece of paper that I had previously painted with watercolor and distress ink.  I first doodled an image of a bird and branch using a pencil. I then used India ink thinned with water and a calligraphy pen to draw the image and add detail.  I used short little lines to add texture and shading to the image.  I decided to use India ink because the ink absorbs into the paper well, dries quickly, and is permanent.  The watered down India ink did reactivate the distress ink and watercolor underneath the drawing a tiny bit. I tried not to overwork the drawing because I was getting a couple areas where the lines were starting to muddy into the background.  To prevent your drawing from getting muddy or blending into the background, you will want to use a heat gun to dry the ink as you go along.  In the end, this little drawing took me less than an hour to complete and turned out super cute.

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