Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday From My College Days

Hello Everyone! I am sorry that I didn't post to the blog yesterday.  I haven't been feeling my best lately and needed a short break from life.  I am still sick, but wanted to do another Throw Back Thursday, so here I am.

These two linocut prints are from a collection I created in college.  I enjoy creating art that shows nature interacting with man-made objects. In this series however, I wanted to depict the survival of nature as our human world technologically grows and changes.  I want to evoke the question of whether or not our current world is better than the world that has naturally evolved over billions of years.  Yeah, it is a pretty deep concept.  As an artist, we can creatively depict whatever concepts we want in our art whether your art has a political vibe, gives animals a voice, or depicts socioeconomic inequality in our communities.  I personally connect with the energies of nature and wildlife, so that is the main focus of my art.

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