Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two More Oracle Cards & A Story

Today I thought I would share two more oracle cards I created over the past weekend.  I was planning on posting this sooner, but I ran into a problem with one of the cards I was designing last week.  As you know, these are oracle cards which are meant to hold a specific meaning and energy.  I am finding that I am having a hard time drawing certain cards, while other cards magically come together for me with absolutely no issues.  I'm not sure if it is because I am not connecting to the energies of the cards I want to create, or if it is due to random chance? When I designed the Wish card a couple weeks ago, nothing seemed to go right.  I am naturally an unlucky person, so it was no surprise that the card representing good luck would give me problems.  The drawing went well, and I was able to color it in without a problem. I masked the drawing out to spray a background behind it, but my ink sprayer kept clogging and dripping on the image. When I decided to try to fix the background, nothing I tried worked. Eventually I colored the entire background with a gel pen and matte paint, but the color turned out super uneven and still showed the mistakes underneath.  Still unhappy with it, I added watercolor to the background which  created a unique effect on top of the over worked surface.  The image actually turned out quite beautiful in the end (which was lucky).  I have thought about redoing the card several times because it had frustrated me so much.  In the end, I decided to use it in the deck because the card truly represents luck.

Last week I encountered every problem possible with the Destiny (go with the flow of life) card.   I had drawn out an intricate design the week before and just had to transfer the drawing to a piece of chip board.  When I tried to transfer the drawing, I couldn't get a clear image to transfer.  Either the image would move, or something would happen to the transfer paper.  I ended up drawing the image by hand on the chip board but it wasn't as nice.  I decided to just go with it (because it is the card that represents going with the flow) and color in the drawing anyway.  Somehow I ended up getting blue ink on my hand from who knows where, and got it all over the chip board and drawing.  I decided to do a sprayed background to hide the blue using dylusions ink after that.  I masked out the drawing before spraying the ink,  but the ink bled through the masking fluid and saturated the majority of the chipboard.  I was so frustrated, but thought maybe I should just seal the ink with my spray fixative, paint over it, and start over.  Unfortunately, my brother borrowed my spray fixative a week earlier and hadn't returned it yet.  I took that as a sign to hold off on creating the Destiny card. The next day, I created the Communication card without any problems whatsoever.

Disclaimer:  Because the images I am sharing with you are being published, they cannot be copied, printed, or sold outside of Copper Blossom Paper Gallery.  These images are watermarked and copyrighted.  Please contact me if you are interested in an image and I can get a limited number of prints made up to sell in the shop.

The first card is the Communication card.  This card represents a need to communicate and express yourself.  The male frog will sing to attract his mate and also speak up when he feels threatened. You need to find your voice to resolve the situation at hand.  If you are having relationship problems, you need to express your feelings to your partner.  This card also encourages you to express yourself through music and writing.  Good communication can solve any problem.  The second card is the Illusion card.  This card represents living in your mind rather than reality.  Like the fish in a bubble, you are unable to see all sides of a situation.  You need to stop over analyzing everything, and see the situation for what it truly is. 

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