Monday, August 10, 2015

First 2 Oracle Cards Revealed!

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I am so thrilled to have so many people showing my blog love. My first freebie card was a hit!  I apologize for the card not being formatted to 4"x6".  I posted it late last night, and didn't think about it until today.  I hope no one had issues formatting it to the proper size. I will be formatting everything from now on so no one has to guess what size it will print.  I love working with digital media, so I am excited to create fun printables for everyone.

Ok, now for the big reveal.  As I stated in my returning post, I am spiritual and have been working on creating an oracle deck. (I've also been writing a book about intuition and connecting to the energies around us, but that is a whole other ball game).  My spirituality connects me to nature and the earth, so it is only natural that my deck would be based on the natural world. These drawings are done by hand on acid free chip board using alcohol markers, dylusions ink, gel pens, distress paint, acrylic paint, colored pencil, and anything else I may have lying around.  I absolutely love the images I have produced thus far.  I will be revealing them to you as I finish them.

Disclaimer:  Because these images I am sharing with you are being published, they cannot be copied, printed, or sold outside of Copper Blossom Paper Gallery.  These images are watermarked and copyrighted.  Please contact me if you are interested in an image and I can get a limited number of prints made up to sell in the shop.

 The first image is the intuition card.  In tarot, it would be the moon card.  This card represents the need to look inward for guidance. It is a time to reconnect with our emotions, and silence the negative chatter in our minds.  The second image is the wisdom/truth card.  The owl represents the need to be truthful and to resolve current problems methodically. Now is not the time to be taking action.  You will save yourself a lot of stress if you create a strategic plan of action and gain knowledge about the issue before entering into battle. 

Thanks for stopping by.  ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paper Gallery