Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sad News On The Homefront

Unfortunately, I am not posting any artwork today.  I know this is an art blog, but my family has been shaken by a recent tragedy.  Late last night I found out my brother passed away.  He became ill in July and doctor's couldn't figure out what was going on.  He passed away last night after struggling with this mysterious illness for a couple months.  His doctor's still don't know what he was struggling with, so we are hoping to find answers when we get back his autopsy results.  My siblings and I are deeply saddened by this sudden turn of events and are grateful for all the support we are receiving.  I do apologize in advance for not posting to the blog as much as I may like this week.  I will try to keep up on the blogging, but I cannot make any promises. Thanks for following this blog and sharing it.  I hope you all have a good night.  ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paperie ❤