Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life Goals Art Journal Page

Hello again and thanks for stopping by the blog. I apologize for not posting sooner, but I have been super busy cleaning my house and working on creating some new holiday digital scrapbook kits. I feel like I can finally get some work done around the house now that I am not confined to a cast and knee scooter.  I am using crutches however, so my armpits are crying for a break.  Its crazy how weak your body gets when you are not mobile for over 4 months.  I am getting a bit more mobile everyday, but my body aches from all the activity.  Today is definitely a day dedicated to relaxation and art.

Today I thought I would share another art journal page. The reason I decided to share this page with all of you is because I had a dream last night that related to this page. Since I am spiritual, I am always on the lookout for signs from spirit, especially in my dreams. Most people find this concept a bit weird, but I have known since I was little that there are spirit energies around us.  If a spirit has a message, there is no better way to share that information with us than to show up in a dream.  Well, last night my father (who passed when I was 15) visited me in my dreams. My dad only shows up in my dreams when he has something important to convey... so I am always thrilled when he comes through with a message. He was there to tell me that I should look for a career that involves both traveling and art. I'm not sure what kind of career allows for both of those things, but if that is what he is recommending, I can't wait to start the new job search. The other message I got from him was that when he visits my physical surroundings, he likes to mess with the TV and radio.  This is great knowledge to have when your TV seems to have a mind of its own.  Now I just need to figure out who is leaving all the white feathers, and who keeps messing with my laptop.... my laptop also has a mind of its own, especially when I am in the midst of doing something important.

Getting back on track, when I picked up my art journal to start working on it this morning, I saw the very first page I completed back in April. It was my goal page.  Clearly, my goals (then and now) are to create more art and travel the world.  Thanks for the reminder and insight Dad! I like this page because it is so personal and thought out.  Not all art journal pages need to be haphazardly created (although you can create some pretty amazing pages that way).  My art journal tends to be a mix of both. I also want to mention that you do not need all the bells and whistles of art journaling to create a gorgeous page.  I know there are mediums, stencils, stamps, and gadgets that are marketed for art journaling, but they really are not necessary.  If anything, those items take away from the creative process.  I did not want my art journal to look like Dianne Reevley made it, so I do not use her stamps and stencils. (I do love her ink sprays however, and I do recommend them to any artist looking to purchase water soluble ink).  I personally feel that the art in my art journal should be my own.  I tend to use scrap paper, magazine images, and handmade stencils to create texture in my journal pages rather than buying stencils or large stamps.

 This page was created using scrapbook paper, images cut out from a magazine, white acrylic paint, acrylic matte gel medium, bubble gum pink and fuchsia dylusions ink sprays, a white gel pen, and a permanent black marker.  Every splatter, diamond, word, and cup ring was drawn on the page by hand. The background writing is from a piece of scrapbook paper. The remaining images were cut out from magazines and glued to the page using acrylic matte gel medium. Whenever I add images from a magazine or other source to my art journal, I tend to outline it in black marker and add highlights with a white gel pen.  This helps tie the entire page together. The last thing I did was add paint spatter using white acrylic paint.

I hope this inspires you to create an art journal page without the help of stencils or stamped images. There is nothing wrong with using these tools to create art, but try creating a page without them.  If you are new to art journaling, use the materials you already have to create art.  Us artists have the ability to create beauty out of nothing... why not use this ability to express our own aesthetic rather than promoting another person's aesthetic.

I hope everyone has a great hump day!  If you enjoy my blog posts, be sure to follow this blog by e-mail or google+.  You can also check out my website, facebook page, and Etsy store for additional information and products.   ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paperie ❤