Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Throw Back Thursday!

Good morning. Glad you took the time to visit my blog on this fabulous Thursday.  I personally want to thank everyone for following my blog and sharing its contents on social media.  I have nearly reached 1,000 views since I re-started the Copper Blossom Paperie blog 40 days ago.  I cannot thank you enough for all the support.  I love sharing my artwork with all of you and hope that you leave my blog inspired to create art.

It has been a while since I shared a throw back Thursday post, so I decided to write one today.  This artwork is a linocut print I created for a gallery show in 2005.  Like other works I created at the time, this piece represents the connection between humanity and nature.  The entire show revolved around the idea of people modifying the natural world to better suite our commercialized society.  This particular print was an artistic interpretation of a genetically modified plant.  I have been against GMO's (genetically modified organisms) since their conception in the 90's.  For some reason, this topic tends to show up a lot in my artwork.  When I created this print, I wanted to evoke the idea of genetic modification going too far.  Can we create plants that think and comprehend like we do?  Will plants one day have a skeletal structure?  Can these plants turn around and genetically modify us?  I know the notion of plants taking over the world one day is a hard idea to grasp, but I like to think that nothing is impossible.  What if plants could one day grow us a new brain or heart?

This print was also meant to signify the link between GMO's and disease.  At the time, GMO's were considered safe despite the lack of adequate studies.  No one knew the long term affects of GMO consumption.  Unfortunately, the last 10 years have shown that GMO's are indeed unsafe to eat.  Now days, chronic diseases like autism and ADHD can be linked to the consumption of genetically modified plant material.  I am glad that several food production companies have voluntarily removed GMO's from their packaged meals over the last couple years.

I hope this blog post didn't read too much like a science essay.  Please comment below and let me know if you liked this post.  If you enjoy reading my posts, be sure to subscribe to the blog via email or google+.  Thanks for stopping by.  ❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paperie ❤