Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Blog is Finally Up & Running

I am not familiar with web design or creating a blog, but after three long days, I finally have both this blog and my website up and running.  I must say, this was a tougher challenge than I thought.  I guess it would not have been as painful a process as it was if I were less picky about looks and layout - its the perfectionist in me.  I am still not sure if I like all the black windows in the blog - may be changing that (lol). Now that the hardest part is over, I look forward to sharing my artwork, creating demo's, and possibly a youtube channel in the future.  I do still need to create a facebook page for my blog and business, and that will probably be my next project.  I will try to get busy and post art work on here when I can.  Here is sneak peek of a wood cut edition printed on archival strathmore rag paper. Enjoy!   
❤ Tia - Copper Blossom Paper Gallery